Exciting news – Zipline to Casares village!

It is very exciting that the town hall of Casares is innovative in its goal to make Casares even more attractive for both visitors and its citizens. The latest step in that direction is to  build a zipline in the village. The project has already started and is  planned to be ready and in operation in june!

With a length of 300 meters the Casares zip line will join the El Chaparral panoramic walk in Puerto de la Cruz with the “Las Peñuelas” area, at the end of Calle Molinos . The implementation of this installation will involve the construction of two platforms, of exit and arrival and the installation of 3 steel cables, two for the zip line and a third one that will carry the beacons that increase its visibility to avoid bird accidents.

The company building it is well experienced as they already made the famous Ziplines in Toledo, Comares and the longest in Spain; running between Extremadura and Portugal.

Zip line in Toledo, Spain
Zip line in Toledo, Spain

The zipline is a good reason to visit Casares, along with many other great reasons: 10 reasons to visit Casares

If you are interested in investing in the tourist industry we have a top quality 8 apartment building in the historic center of the village for sale. We can also offer a selection of old houses/ruins at very attractive locations in the village, ready to be restored and turned into houses for rentals or other tourist activity. Casares is probably one of the best places to invest right now!